February Deals at ABC Pet Resort & Spa

Dear ABC Pet Resort Family,

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Valeria Stauber to the position of Lodging Manager at our ABC Pet Resort. Val’s journey with us began in March of 2022, when her mentor, Pete Stewart, decided to retire after over fifty years of animal training right here in Houston.

Many of our long-standing clients fondly remember “Cowboy” Pete, a fixture on our deck alongside his trusted training dogs in the late 90’s, when he conducted his sessions out of ABC Pet Resort. He continues to be a close and cherished friend of ours.   Among his accomplishments, Pete was the mastermind behind training the Oilers’ celebrated “Fetch Monster,” Bleu. It’s a legacy of excellence and passion that Val has been part of, working diligently by Pete’s side for two years before officially joining our team.

Pete himself has recognized Val as one of the finest he’s worked with, highlighting her intuition, hard work, and profound love for animals. It’s this combination of qualities, along with her dedication and skill, that make Val the perfect candidate for her new role as Lodging Manager.

As we step forward into this exciting new chapter, we are not just looking ahead to the bright future that Val will help shape for ABC Pet Resort. We are also honoring the foundational figures like Pete, whose contributions have helped sculpt our beloved institution into what it is today.

Please join us in congratulating Val on her well-deserved promotion. We are confident that under her leadership, ABC Pet Resort will continue to offer the unparalleled care and service that our clients and their pets have come to expect. Here’s to new beginnings, continued growth, and a future that honors our past.