Activities & Parties

A part of our mission is to provide a happy, healthy, safe and Fear Free place for our pet guests. We believe pets need activities for both mind and body, but not all pets enjoy playing with others. Whether your pet is an introverted only child, a social butterfly, a relaxed couch potato or a high-energy hot dog, we have a large selection of play that you can customize for your pet.


Elite Package
Premium Package
Standard Package
Basic Package
$32 per day
$27 per day
$20 per day
$17 per day
Social Pet (Mon-Fri*)
Full Day of daycare, tuck in service & pup popsicle treat
Full Day of daycare & pup popsicle treat
Half Day of daycare & pup popsicle treat
Personal Play (Sun-Fri)
4 Playtimes, tuck in service & pup popsicle treat
4 Playtimes & pup popsicle treat
2 Playtimes & pup popsicle treat
1 Playtimes,extra potty breaks & pup popsicle treat
Personal Play (Sat)
3 Playtimes, weekend party tuck in service & pup popsicle treat
3 Playtimes, weekend party & pup popsicle treat
1 Playtimes, weekend party & pup popsicle treat
Weekend party & pup popsicle treat

A-La-Cart Play Menu

You know your pet best! If one of our play packages doesn’t fulfill your pets needs, you can build your pet’s play by mix-matching the following playtimes.

Social Dogs

Full Day Group Play- $30

Your social, high-energy pup will romp and roll with our pack during the day, Monday to Friday.

Half Day Daycare- $12

For the social pet that likes to lounge! Fun times with friends during either the morning or afternoon session.


Popsicles- $3

Beef,  Turkey or Yogurt. Yummy, organic frozen treats!

Busy Buddy – $6

Yummy puzzle toy lined with either pet-friendly peanut butter or cheese to engage the mind & the taste buds!

Just For Cats

Laser Tag- $12

Voted most fun by all skitty cats. This activity drives them wild!

Catnip Play – $3

What feline can resist?


Just like a 5-star human resort, we focus not only on relaxation & recreation, but also FUN! Keep an eye on Facebook for both upcoming events for lodging guests and play-all-day parties for our group play and stay-n-play attendees!

Weekend Lodging Parties – $15 per party guest

Every Saturday year-round, ABC holds a themed party for our lodging guests.  Each attendee receives a fifteen-minute individual playtime (families party together), a treat & photo mailed home!

Monthly Daycare Parties – additional $12 per party guest

Each month we hold a themed party for all of our daycare guests. Whether your pet enjoys group play or our stay-n-play programs, they are invited to attend! Attendees participate in themed activities, receive a take-home treat & photo mailed home.

Birthday Bashes/Gotcha Day Celebrations/Milestone Parties – $55.00

ABC offers a variety of milestone celebration parties. Each party includes a large custom dog cake, photo album of the event and full day of play in either our group play or stay-n-play program.