Cat & Small Animal Boarding

Our feline guests are very special to us! In a separate, sunny room, each guest is cared for by staff that love and understand cats and give them the special care that they need. Each day, your cat will be allowed time outside of his sleeping quarters to roam around the room or sit lazily on the windowsill. This exercise is included in each day’s lodging fee; and believe it is essential for their happiness and well-being.

Yes, we board small animals too! Ask us for details.

Cat Lodging: $25 per night, per guest


Includes 18 sq. ft. of space! These units will give your cat (or cats) lots of room to roam & explore with four resting benches and a porthole between levels. All have windows looking outside or into public areas for your cat’s amusement. We are proud to boast that our cat accommodations and quality of care was featured as the cover story for the national magazine Pet Boarding and Daycare in the May/June 2022 edition.

“The only place I take Roxy and Cookie if we go out of town!”

Melinda Pavlik


“Love love love this place. Pets are so spoiled here, by a great staff and ownership!”

Tom Pierson


What To Expect

  • A climate-controlled HVAC system for your cat’s comfort.
  • Soft cushioned beds for all our guests.
  • Daily inter-active play to encourage your cat’s natural hunting desire.
  • Extra activities available on an a-la-carte basis to customize your cat’s stay.
  • Wellness grain-free kibble, as well as Wellness wet cat food is served according to your cat’s normal schedule.
  • 10% off each additional pet sharing the same enclosure.