Recently one of our own, Suzanne Locker, wrote the cover story for our industry’s national magazine! We believe our amazing team members who are armed with policies and procedures that ensure excellent quality of care, set us apart from the pack. Not only are we proud to share these important tips and facts with other pet care facilities, but we would also love for our clients to get an inside view of the work we do to provide the best possible care for all of our guests. To read more on our entry and exit evaluations.

Spa Appointments

Our Spa department is doing everything it can to make sure that everyone booking an appointment gets in within a week. To help us make sure everyone has had the opportunity to book their beauty days, deposits for select appointments may be required.

Please note that we are implementing a $25 dollar deposit to book a reservation, if appointments have been no-shows in the past. This deposit will be forfeited if a 24-hour notice of cancelation has not been met. Thank you so much for understanding!

Independence Day Deposits

Independence Day is almost here! We wanted to remind you that the waitlist for our “highly sought-after” 4th of July reservations will be opening soon. Be sure to submit your holiday deposit to secure your July 4th spot. We appreciate your cooperation in making this summer a success for all our guests.

Don’t forget to book early for:

  •  Independence Day
  •  Thanksgiving
  •  Christmas

*Deposits are fully refundable if reservations are canceled 3 weeks prior to the holiday. A deposit may be used for future reservations if notice of cancelation is received between 14 and 21 days before the holiday. If less than 14 days’ notice is given, the deposit is forfeited. Deposits are applied directly to your pet’s boarding stay. This deposit will cover each enclosure you have reserved. The amount required does not change if you have multiple pets in the same enclosure. Deposit amounts are determined by room type:

  • Cat Townhouse- $75
  • Den Room- $105
  • Zen Den- $105
  • Jr Patio- $135
  • Den Patio- $156
  • Jr VIP- $165
  • Large VIP- $195
  • Large VIP Patio- $240

Summer is in Full Swing!