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Having ABC Pet Resort care for your cats in your absence is a great plan! The staff are trained to provide all the care your cat family-member needs to be happy & calm. We'll observe and handle any problems that might arise in your absence. You can be certain that ABC keeps current on the latest developments within the industry and that they truly care about your cat.

How do I make arrangements for my cat to board at ABC?

Stop by ABC during our office hours and visit with our staff!  Get acquainted with the people who will be caring for your pet.  We can answer all your questions and gather the necessary information about you and your cat for a reservation. Your cat should be current on all vaccinations that his veterinarian requires for his health.  Usually, those include Rabies, Distemper, (FVRCP) and Feline Leukemia.  You may bring a copy of the records or we can call your veterinarian and confirm the date of expiration.  All vaccinations should be completed by ten days prior to boarding, in order to be effective protection.

May I bring belongings for the stay?

Toys and bedding are welcome. We provide a healthy grain-free wet food as well as crunchy dry food, both by Call of the Wild.  Treats include boiled shrimp, dehydrated minnows, and wild-caught tuna,  If there is a special diet that you would like your cat to adhere to, we will allow you to bring your cat's food, and will see to it that your cat is fed only what you request.

We're trained to recognize the warning signs of potential health problems, and will contact your veterinarian to see if they feel a visit is necessary. It is not, however, part of the staff’s job to diagnose or to prescribe medications.  If your cat requires veterinary aid while he or she is with us, in most cases the charges are covered by our Healthy Care Warranty. (some exceptions may apply - ask us about our program, we would be glad to discuss it with you.


We have a menu of fun playtime activities for our cat that can be purchased during his stay.  But for maximum health while he is at ABC, we will be conducting a 5-minute exercise & play session with him daily using "lure" toys to satisfy his hunt-drive.  This activity is included in the cost of his daily boarding rate and is part of our philosophy to ensure the mental and physical needs of our feline guests.  

Bringing your cat home.

At time of pick-up, our staff will let you know how if your cat's appetite and eliminations were normal while he was with us. Any discrepancy in the weight will be discussed.  After you are back home, let your cat "tell" you about its stay. Lavish attention on your cat so he or she knows it was missed; however, over-treating with very rich foods may upset his tummy.  Just follow your regular regimen for feeding. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, be sure to keep him or her inside for a day or two before allowing it outside again.

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