Dog Boarding

Here at ABC Pet Resort & Spa, our goal is to recreate each guest’s daily schedule as closely as possible and provide them with a comfortable environment. We feel this will greatly reduce any possible stress from being away from home.


There are several types available for your dog’s comfort.

Pet Resort

Dorm Room (4’ x 8’) 
All-indoor enclosures.

Pet Resort

Junior Dorm with Patio (4’ x 5’)
For the petite canine, dorms with daytime access to a private yard through a doggie door.

Pet Resort

Dorm Room with Patio (6’ x 8’) 
Large dorms with an exterior patio of the same dimensions. Great for family dogs or very large breeds.

Pet Resort

Junior Suite (4’ x 8’) 
Private rooms with television and a custom bed. French doors add a homey touch. 1 Custom Playtime included daily.

Pet Resort

Luxury Suite (8’ x 8’) 
Tastefully decorated room with television and a custom bed. Sliding glass doors give the pet an open feeling with optimum viewing. 1 Custom Playtime included daily.

Pet Resort

Luxury Suite with Patio (8’ x 8’) 
Large suite as our Luxury Suites, with the addition of your pet’s own private yard covered in lush canine grass. One Custom Playtime included daily.

What to Expect

  • A climate-controlled HVAC system for your dog's comfort.
  • Antimicrobial partition panels between guests for safety & privacy.
  • Comfy beds and fleece bedding.
  • Individual potty breaks three times daily in secure fenced areas.
  • Guests with access to private yards throughout the day for elimination or just relaxing (via a doggie door) will also be taken to a larger exercise yard daily to ensure they get proper exercise.
  • Extra activities available to customize your dog's stay.
  • Victor premium grain-free pet foods, both dry and wet, is served according to your dog's normal schedule. 
  • 10% off each additional pet sharing the same enclosure.

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