Dog Daycare

Since 1991, ABC Pet Resort & Spa has been providing superior dog daycare services to The Woodlands TX and the metro Houston area. Our trained professionals have extended experience in dog care and can guarantee your dog is safe and happy, whether they stay for an hour or a day! We treat each individual dog like family, and can provide a safe, interactive and exciting day of play that your dog will love!

Experts agree! Group play is beneficial to dogs for many reasons, including:

  • Dogs with behavioral issues, such as excessive chewing or digging, burn more energy during pack play—which means a calmer dog for you at home!
  • The stimulation of being around other dogs satisfies their need for mental alertness and natural curiosity.
  • Dogs that come for day care have opportunities to play throughout the day, along with rest times.

Not All Dog Daycares Are The Same!

Because you are a responsible dog lover, you should be aware that some Daycares operate without proper education or written policies regarding safe group play. Many times dogs are simply put into a room or yard with unfamiliar dogs and left to roam or sleep all day. At ABC Pet Resort & Spa, we share your concerns about the safety and health of your dog. He will be assessed for temperament and play style to be sure he is a part of the perfect group for him. He will be monitored at all times by qualified and fun-loving staff. We know dogs love to please and perform, so our staff provides stimulating games and obedience tasks, such as group "sits" and "follow the leader." ABC Pet Resort & Spa has a continuing education program for all of our Daycare Staff, so that they remain at the top of their game! You can be assured that they will watch and guide your dog to keep them safe and happy while at ABC Pet Resort & Spa.


Full Day $30
Half Day $22
Temperament Testing $20

How to Get Started

Contact us to schedule an evaluation. After passing the required temperament test, your dog will have the opportunity to join one of our playgroups even while he/she is here for overnight boarding. Dogs in playgroups are separated into groups by their size, age and disposition.

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