Dog Training in The Woodlands & Spring, TX

ABC Pet Resort & Spa provides customized obedience training for your dog. Our trainers have extensive experience in dog training; and we believe in positive, fun training methods.  We are also Approved Evaluators for AKC's Canine Good Citizen® program (CGC).

Please call 281-444-9414, for your dog’s personalized training options!

Training Options

  • Enrichment Training (FitPaws/Treadmill)
  • Private Day-Training with Parent or Without 
  • AKC's Canine Good Citizen Evaluators
  • Puppy Program
  • Lodge-N-Learn Programs
  •  Levels Group Training
  • AKC & DMWYD Trick Training & Evaluations

Watch Our Levels Dog Training Orientation Below!

 Puppy Program

The most IMPORTANT time in your dog's training is when they're a puppy!

In keeping with ABC's primary focus on overall health and happiness of dogs, we are pleased to offer our Puppy Program, designed specifically to help your puppy develop into a socialized and friendly member of your family. Because puppies are most responsive to learning and retaining experiences while they are young, Puppy Program Students will spend their time in our quiet Zen Den for naps. This will ensure that their introductions to multiple staff members and other dogs are in positive settings, increasing their human and fellow dog socialization.

Other developmental programming includes plenty of naps to encourage crate training, individual playtimes, multiple daily walks to help with potty training and daily at-home activities for you to practice. All of these will facilitate the positive experiences that are pivotal in creating that balanced and happy member of your family.

Dog Training in Spring, The Woodlands TX

Why ABC's Puppy Program?

  • Proper Socialization and exercise which are both essential for a healthy, happy puppy;
  • Positive experiences with other dogs and humans during pivotal development stages;
  • Consistent enforcement of proper behaviors and basic manners;
  • Mixed daycare and walks during the day for appropriate rest and potty-training support; and
  • Cost effective, consistent care through highly-trained pet care professionals.

For purposes of puppy development, both at home and at ABC, we offer our Puppy Program Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm, encouraging the structured and positive situations which are crucial to developing that socialized playful and happy puppy!


The Puppy Program accepts dogs over the age of 4 months, ten days after the 2nd series of vaccinations have been given. We are very careful to limit the puppy's exposure to other dogs in the lodging area, by keeping him in the office and reception area until he is fully vaccinated.   No overnight stays will be allowed until ten days after the final vaccinations are administered, and the puppy has completed all vaccinations according to their veterinarian's protocol.

  • Two sets of puppy vaccinations, including DHLPP, a Bordetella vaccination and a clear fecal
  • No overnight care until ten days after all vaccinations are completed (per veterinarian's protocol)


We Offer the Best Dog Training Service in The Woodlands & Spring, TX!

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